I still try to be a happy, caring and friendly guy.

IMG_1371-editedIt seems as I get older I allow more things to bother me and let things stress me out more than when I was young anyway. When I was young I was one of those easy-going not so popular kids that was just there. I cared more about respect and fairness than I did popularity or even my safety on some occasions.  I was just one of those kids you barely remember or don’t even recall.

It is ok many don’t remember me or just don’t care to, there are a select few whom were my real friends and they remember me well as I do them. It isn’t about popularity or what opinions others have of me, it is more about being true to who I am and doing what I believe is in the good and right. To live by my own convictions, to accept others and myself  as we are along with all our wonderful qualities along with all of our shortcomings.

Though I am a little less happy-go-lucky, I still try to be a happy, caring and friendly guy. Still I am not that memorable but I am who I chose to be and that is all I can ask for. Be true to yourself, be true to what you believe and carry a compassion heart my friends. Be who you truly want to be for life is short and a one time ride.

Ray Barbier

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