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I still try to be a happy, caring and friendly guy.

IMG_1371-editedIt seems as I get older I allow more things to bother me and let things stress me out more than when I was young anyway. When I was young I was one of those easy-going not so popular kids that was just there. I cared more about respect and fairness than I did popularity or even my safety on some occasions.  I was just one of those kids you barely remember or don’t even recall.

It is ok many don’t remember me or just don’t care to, there are a select few whom were my real friends and they remember me well as I do them. It isn’t about popularity or what opinions others have of me, it is more about being true to who I am and doing what I believe is in the good and right. To live by my own convictions, to accept others and myself  as we are along with all our wonderful qualities along with all of our shortcomings.

Though I am a little less happy-go-lucky, I still try to be a happy, caring and friendly guy. Still I am not that memorable but I am who I chose to be and that is all I can ask for. Be true to yourself, be true to what you believe and carry a compassion heart my friends. Be who you truly want to be for life is short and a one time ride.

Ray Barbier

What a week, Blessings Realized

IMG_1283Well I know its been a while since I have written anything, life can be so consuming sometimes. Within just 1 week I have had a transmission blow a front seal  and a tire blow out on a truck I was borrowing. Was kind of bumming out about it all and then I realized that this week was full of blessings. I was able to get my car home regardless of the transmission seal and when the tire blew out my future father in law just happened to be passing by and we got the spare on. So was this week all that bad, well not as bad as I first thought but still the repair or replacement of my car is a financial burden in waiting. I first want to say thank you God for the blessings of making it home and having help when I needed it And last but not least thank you Fred for your help.

“Sometimes when you think the deck is stacked against you it is actually stacked in your favor in the next hand. “

Ray Barbier

Why is being right more important than doing the right thing?

IMG_1077Sometime we tend to be our own worst enemy, we get wrapped up in what we think we want and neglect what we truly need. This seems to be the dilemma of humanity.  We are social creatures for the most art but it seems we have become more focused on our individuality than the group, clan or community. We forgot how to care and be part of a community and to work together. It’s all about taking care of ourselves and our own instead of we are all a part of an extended family. It’s all good to be an individual and to express such, but not at the expense of  loosing our connection from the great family of humanity.

We allow politics, religion, race, culture and many other things get in the way of being the great creation God made us to be. We as a species are capable of doing such good and amazing things when we work together and put our differences aside. We are all basically the same, we all really want peace, love and happiness for ourselves, our family and especially for our children. Why cant that be enough of a motive for us to be civilized and mature enough to be at peace with one another and learn to work together to make this world a better place for everyone? Why is greed more important than your neighbor or the poor guy begging for his next meal? Why is being right more important than doing the right thing?

It is far better to be poor and have your next meal than to be rich and want for nothing, for without anything to aspire for there is little to enjoy. It is far more important to do the right thing than to worry about who is right or wrong. For doing the right thing is being in the right and worrying about who is right or not is such a waste of time and energy.

Raymond Barbier

The doors are Allways open here at One lifetime Blog for additional co-authors

agenda_with_glasses.pngOkay Folks now that the first month out of the new year is almost over it is once again time for me to remind my readers and fellow bloggers that the doors are open here at One lifetime Blog for additional co-authors. The only rules we have here is keep it non offensive and be inspirational. If you interested in Joining One lifetime blog as a co-author please comment on this post and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Now that said I would like to Say thank you to all the readers for reading and commenting. Even those who had opposing views, we welcome all view points for if we didn’t then we would be closed-minded and void of the capacity to grow and learn.

Thank you all

Ray Barbier
One lifetime Blog

Act in accordance with who you are and what you believe.

bnf0427Be true to yourself which basically means that you should act in accordance with who you are and what you believe. Stop trying to please everybody and definitely stop acting as  someone you’re not. There is nothing wrong with who and what you are or how you act, think and co-exist. Peer pressure has no power over someone who sees that they are wonderful as they are and that if someone don’t like you as you are then let them move on. To be popular by trying to be like everyone else is an act of betrayal to who you really are within. In my youth I fell to peer pressure trying to look cool or at least fit in somewhat and all I got out of it is the bad habit of smoking cigarettes and a lot of wasted youth. The sad part for a good part of my life I kept trying to fit in, be a part of the norm and it never really worked because I never was being sincere or being my true self  Shame it took me so many years before I saw the goodness in being myself and true to who I am.

PEOP0060 So my advice to the old and young is get over the fear of not fitting in or not being accepted. Be true to who you truly are and let the light God planted in you shine. Think your own thoughts, don’t take the words of others as truth without confirming them and question anything that just isn’t right or seems way too good to be true. Love yourself for who and what God has made you to be and worry not of what others think of you. As long as you do what you feel is right and good then you have nothing to worry about and if others disapprove  then so be it.

Be true to thyself and be who you desire and deserve to be. Think for yourself and take responsibility for your own life.

Ray Barbier

is a blessing

016 Each morning we awaken to is a blessing, Every person who love us and we love are blessings as well. Each meal we eat is a blessing, every breath we take is a blessing as well. Every smile we see is a blessing in deed and every smile we give is a blessing to both ourselves and those we smile at. Having a job is a blessing, even if the job isn’t ideal or stressful it is still a blessing not to be unemployed.  Every friend we have, had and will have are blessings for they are like family and sometimes even more. Even enemies can be blessings for they teach us how not to be and sometimes help us see the faults within our own character.

Each day we have here on earth is a blessing if we see it, know it, admit it,  realize it or not. So many things we take for granted that are great blessings and so many things we forget to give thanks for as well.

Ray Barbier