Act in accordance with who you are and what you believe.

bnf0427Be true to yourself which basically means that you should act in accordance with who you are and what you believe. Stop trying to please everybody and definitely stop acting as  someone you’re not. There is nothing wrong with who and what you are or how you act, think and co-exist. Peer pressure has no power over someone who sees that they are wonderful as they are and that if someone don’t like you as you are then let them move on. To be popular by trying to be like everyone else is an act of betrayal to who you really are within. In my youth I fell to peer pressure trying to look cool or at least fit in somewhat and all I got out of it is the bad habit of smoking cigarettes and a lot of wasted youth. The sad part for a good part of my life I kept trying to fit in, be a part of the norm and it never really worked because I never was being sincere or being my true self  Shame it took me so many years before I saw the goodness in being myself and true to who I am.

PEOP0060 So my advice to the old and young is get over the fear of not fitting in or not being accepted. Be true to who you truly are and let the light God planted in you shine. Think your own thoughts, don’t take the words of others as truth without confirming them and question anything that just isn’t right or seems way too good to be true. Love yourself for who and what God has made you to be and worry not of what others think of you. As long as you do what you feel is right and good then you have nothing to worry about and if others disapprove  then so be it.

Be true to thyself and be who you desire and deserve to be. Think for yourself and take responsibility for your own life.

Ray Barbier

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