Random Thoughts 4-5-2023

I was just sitting here thinking this morning about how politicalized news has become and how it has spread politicization into the everyday lives of Americans and others around the world. Too many people spend way too much time in front of the tv and computer screen binging on news, conspiracy theories, politically biased opinion shows, videos, and other types of media. When you constantly watch such things it tends to sway you towards the idealism and mindset of those putting out such media. Critical thinking, forming your own opinion, and remaining objective will become harder to achieve or maintain when you are constantly being bombarded with the opinions of others.

We need to take more time to process the information that we are receiving and also we should try and make sure that we get said information from a variety of sources, we also should try to remain open-minded and not limit ourselves to sources of information that tends to be the most aligned with our own beliefs and mindset. If you seek the truth, and absolute facts then do not just accept what you are given by others without verifying their sources and the information they provide. Also, you need to put aside all of your bias and personal feelings and look at the information you’re receiving objectively and fact-check everything.

Life is far more than sitting around and listening to/watching politically biased news and opinion pieces. There are far more important things in life to be concerned about. We should be enjoying our time with our family and friends. It does not matter if you are red or blue, you’re a human being and so is everyone else around you. Do not allow something as corrosive as politics to erode your relationship with others, just let your political differences become background noise and put both those around you and yourself at the front of your mind and enjoy the moment.

We need to find some way to bridge the gap between the political parties, close that divide and once again work together towards a better nation and world. If the divide continues to grow it will not bode well for either party. As it had been said, A divided house will fall and that said I feel that a nation divided will eventually fail. Personally, I think we need more moderates in politics, those near the center to help balance out the more extreme elements in both political parties. It takes all sorts of people, political ideas, and so on to make a successful society and nation. We all are in this together even if we all may have different ideas and views. Let us focus on the things that we have in common and build on that.


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