Remember the side of yourself that is playful, that loves to create and explore.

Within each of us, there is the creative force that stirs underneath all of the complications we have embraced and allowed to grow in our psyche. That creative and curious side of our nature we once embraced as a child and decided to bury under all of our expectations and self-imposed regulations when we become what we call an adult. As we grew up we closed off the side of ourselves that had wonder and desired to be creative and free to express ourselves.

As adults, we are told to behave in a certain way and act what is considered mature by society. We are taught to restrict that side of ourselves that wants to play, create, be friendly, and enjoy life so that we can focus on being productive in the workplace and responsible in society. Some people still embrace that side of themselves and usually they wind up being laughed at or shunned by some people. I say Laugh at me if I am having fun and being myself, it just proves that what I am doing is fun.

It is said that having children keeps you young and that may well be because around our children we too can let go and be childlike. Children remind us of how to live and see life, even if it’s only for a short period and usually only at home. Then the other end of the age spectrum is the elderly, there is a percentage of them that return to the more childlike version of themselves, not due to any mental issues, it is due to the fact that they got to the point where they realize that what others think about them has no significance when it comes to being happy or their self-worth.

In our beginnings, we just are ourselves and hope others will accept us as we are. Even if they don’t we still continue being ourselves and growing as a person. Then we become overly concerned about the opinions of our peers and family, and we start modeling our behaviors and mentality after those we see having the most success in being liked around us. Eventually, we become a mix of our own self and that which society considers acceptable and popular. Then we become wiser as we age and go back to trying to be ourselves, stripping away all the garbage we collected during our lifetime.

To those of you in the earlier years of life, I say be yourself and do not worry about those that look at you funny or make fun of you. Avoid that kind of people and find those more like yourself. Bullying and hate will always exist in this world, we may not be able to totally remove those things from society but we can the people who are bullies and propagate hate to a smaller percentage of our society. Also, remember the bully is also a human and may be facing some issues either at home or in society and may need help in one way or another.

To those of you in your adult years, try to remember the side of yourself that is playful, that loves to create and explore. Find time to let that side of yourself out when you can. Balance being a responsible adult and being your real self. To those of you who are in the later years of your life try not to let bitterness, regret, and fear stop you from being who you are and enjoying life. What has been in the past, what you can not control is something you need to let go of and find happiness at the moment as you embrace those moments and things that make you happy as well as thankful for.

And most of all, young people respect and appreciate those who are older than you, because one day you will be one of them. Adults and elderly people need to respect and appreciate the young as well, they are the future and we all were young like them once as well. Times may change but the fact that we all go from young to old has not. So respect one another and learn from each other my friends, and be the creative, adventurous, and expressive person you were born to be.


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