The older generation has so much to give

The aging population in the world has been cast aside, and modern society looks upon the older generations as disposable. Politicians see the elderly as a financial burden due to social security and Medicare costs and have forgotten the many years of work and taxes the older generation had contributed to our great nation. The saddest part of all is that the good part of those wanting to do away with social security and so on, are old enough or close to the age of being recipients of social security.

This modern world is for the younger generation to enjoy and the elderly or older generation is considered disposable in many people’s eyes. Those who are the parents and grandparents of the current generation are no longer considered important to a percentage of those in power and in our population. The same people who got us to the moon revolutionized the technology industry, built skyscrapers, and raised the current generation are now looked upon as unimportant.

The not-quite-elderly, those in their 50’s suffer a lot of age discrimination when it comes to employment, either they have a hard time finding work or they get forced out of their job when employers hire younger staff to replace them and/or take the hours they once had. Experience and loyalty do not count for much nowadays in the workforce, it is all about being young, the quantity of work over quality, and in some cases, it is about physical beauty and so on.

I will say at least the federal government is stepping up when it comes to young children, but they sure drop the ball when it comes to the older generation and those not fortunate enough to have children. Life is precious be it in the spring, summer, fall, or even winter of its existence. To overlook or cast aside life in any of its seasons is wrong.

There is enough inequality and inequity in this world as it is, do we have to add to it by categorizing a certain age group as 2nd class citizens? We all are Americans, regardless of our age, sex, religion, color, or political affiliation. Seems we humans get too stuck on separating ourselves by labels and categories, falling prey to elitism and bigotry. No one is disposable, no one is lesser nor is anyone greater. We all matter, and we all are human beings.

The older generation has so much to give, wisdom from experience, stories of their lives that are memories of not-so-recent history, and most of all their love and companionship.


2 thoughts on “The older generation has so much to give”

  1. I fully agree. It’s disheartening to witness the way our society neglects and marginalizes the elderly population. Our elders have played a significant role in shaping our world, and it’s unfair to dismiss them as dispensable. What’s even more sobering is that one day, we too will be considered part of the older generation.

    It’s concerning that the current generation seems to have forgotten the contributions of our parents and grandparents, and it seems to be a common theme with every generation, at least since I was born. The generations that came before us have toiled and sacrificed for years to build this world, and it’s unacceptable that we are disregarding their efforts and their contributions. It is shameful that some politicians view the elderly as a financial burden, despite the many years of work and taxes they have contributed to society.

    The issue of ageism is also prevalent in the job market. Unfortunately, many companies prioritize younger individuals over their older counterparts, ignoring the value of experience and loyalty. This is unacceptable and contributes to a culture of age discrimination where the older generation is often undervalued and dismissed as being slow or lacking intelligence.

    Every stage of life has its unique value, and we should cherish and respect each one. We must strive for equality and refrain from categorizing specific age groups as second-class citizens. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

    The older generation has a wealth of wisdom, experience, and stories to share. We must embrace their love, companionship, and expertise and value their contributions to society. It’s vital to appreciate and respect the elderly and not treat them as disposable. After all, one day, we too will be part of the older generation, and we would want to be treated with the same respect and dignity that we should accord to them.

    1. Pretty much what I said but done more elequently. lol I am in my mid 50s and experienced the priortization of younger vs me and loyality and experience. Unemployed now due to such. IT is the way of the world. We need more people to write blogs, do podcasts and make a noise to get the issue to the forefront of news agencies and policy makers. Thank you for a well written Comment that could had been a blog post in itself 🙂

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