Mental Health Problems: A Growing Concern for School-Age Kids

Mental health and high school-aged children have been a hot topic in the news lately. Some say that mental health issues have risen in recent years, while others think that we are just more aware and attentive to our children’s emotional and mental well-being. Either way, the study reveals that girls are twice as likely as boys to struggle with emotional and mental issues in high school.

When I think back to my teenage years, I remember that girls faced more body shaming than boys, and they had to deal with it from both genders, while boys mostly got it from other boys. This could be one of the reasons why female students have higher rates of emotional and mental health issues.

I also remember that bullying, body shaming, and social exclusion started as early as elementary school. So mental health issues could begin in elementary or middle school. School years can be very hard for some people to get through. If you don’t fit in with a certain look, clothes, personality, or economic status, you can be either rejected or ignored by your peers.

Teenagers face more emotional and mental challenges than ever before, partly because of the social media platforms that enable their peers to bully them in new ways. Some children lack empathy and think bullying is cool or fun, and they inflict a lot of harm on the mental health of the rest of the school-age population. Bullying seems to be a problem that has existed for as long as humans walked this earth. And it is something we need to address, especially in our kids.

Instead of judging a bully harshly, we should try to understand the root causes of their behavior. They might be struggling with mental health problems or a difficult family situation. We should intervene early and offer support to the children who bully others and their families. This way, we can prevent a lot of the harm that bullying causes to everyone involved.

Schools and communities should provide free mental health services. Parents and teachers should be trained to deal with mental health issues and bullying. We should end the stigma around mental health and raise awareness about its significance. This could help prevent future tragedies such as mass shootings and violent crimes caused by mental health problems.

Nothing matters more than our children and their future. We have a duty to do everything in our power to ensure they thrive physically and mentally. They are the future leaders and innovators of the world and we must equip them with the skills and help they need to succeed. We owe them nothing less than a healthy and happy life.

In conclusion, our children are our most valuable asset and we have a moral obligation to ensure their well-being. We cannot afford to ignore the physical and mental health challenges they face in this complex and uncertain world. We must take action and demand better policies and resources from our government to support them. We must also provide them with the love and care they need at home and in the community. Our children are the future and they deserve nothing less than our best efforts. Let’s make it happen.


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