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Coal, Green Energy and Change

The change over to a more environmentally friendly and renewable energy source from the reliable source of coal will happen in the near future.
The cleaner energy source may make a good impact on the environment but it could have a negative impact on the economy of many coal mining towns across America. We should take in consideration the jobs that will be lost and the impact of the lost industry as we start the transition to the greener and cleaner energies. If we are to close mines that many citizens rely on for income then we should retrain the miners for new jobs and move new industries into the area to keep the economy of those towns alive. The government only can provide unemployment benefits and maybe the training for new jobs the building of new industry in the mining towns would be up to big business and investors. Though both federal and state governments can offer incentives for businesses to choose mining towns for new locations.

The future is uncertain for those in mining towns and I really hope that our government realizes that its not only clean air or water that is involved in this greener future but also the livelihoods of many Americans. I am all for green and renewable energy but not for unemployed and hungry Americans. There has to be a solution to our energy crises that wont leave so many out of work.


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Ray Barbier A.K.A. Verum Peto

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Time for green

   With the BP oil disaster being in the headlines and the gulf being filled with oil that green and renewable energy sources is the most important issue for the present governments of the world.
Such oil spills are ecological nightmares. So many sea creatures and sea plants are effected. I know in the modern world we live in we rely on oil and the products derived from oil quite heavily but we need newer and more sustainable sources of energy. We have the technology to explore mars and build the international space station but yet we still cant find a way to replace our dependency on oil. Seems we could either improve the efficiency of solar panels and other green technologies along with lowering their cost to make them a bit more affordable. At least the car companies are trying to go somewhat green though i still doubt they are putting as much effort as they should into the idea.

  The time is now President Obama, Be the Green President and show the world that the united states once again can lead the way into the future. Just think if our country invested into green renewable energies and was able to break our dependency on foreign oil, how much money would stay here in the country and help our economy and job market. It is really a win win situation for us though the middle east oil tycoons may feel a little pain in their bank accounts but what the heck they have enough money already. Lets put hydro-generators on every river, solar panels on every roof and wind turbines where the wind blows. Keep pushing the auto industry to make more efficient and green vehicles. Invest in green technology and the science behind it so our children and the generations to follow can once again be proud to be an American.

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Whale Hunting

Whales, Such majestic sea creatures are still hunted for so called research by Japanese fisherman in the Antarctic. Even the protected hump back whale is a target of their deadly harpoon. What kind of research would require so many whales to be slaughtered I ask. Why don’t the governments that help enact the ban on killing of hump back whales do anything about this? I guess they don’t due to some economical or political reason.

  The only thing us ordinary people can do in order to send a message to Japan is to boycott all Japanese products. if we stop buying Japanese products it will hit them where it hurts. And for those out there with resources and the guts to do something more along the activist end you could always join Greenpeace or the Sea Sheppards (The folks from whale wars on animal planet).

  It is such a shame that such a technological advanced world as ours allows such a terrible and brutal practice such as whale hunting to continue.


For the students of today are the leaders, inventors and visionaries of tomorrow.

No child left behind, a step forward for some and a heavy load to others. To put those who are mentally challenged into the main stream classes is a novel and good idea as long as it does not hinder the education of any other student. The idea is a sound idea if it is implemented in a fashion that both does not discriminate nor hinder the education of the student body. At this time I have heard comments stating that the no child left behind program has some problems that need to be addressed. The question is how do we bring the mentally challenged up to speed or at least a reasonable level of learning without holding back the rest of the class? The benefits the Mentally Challenged receive can be quite beneficial to them. I am all for no child left behind for the most part but i am concerned about the problems with the program that has yet to be addressed. What is the solution to the problems that no child left behind is facing, I am not sure for that is something better left to the educators and government to figure out and fix. All I will say is the education of our youths should be the first and highest priority to both our state and federal governments. For the students of today are the leaders, inventors and visionaries of tomorrow.


If Enough People Got Together

If Washington is going to survive the recent wave of political change in America it is going to have to get on the side of the average American . The Working Class is the backbone of America, not the rich. The rich may control corporate America but the working man built it and sustains it financially. Those people  who makes around minimum wage is greater in numbers than the politician,Doctor and C.E.O. Executive who make more in a year than some do in a lifetime.  But who has the greater voice in out capital in the end? The big businesses and the politician who are backed by them. I can not say every politician puts wealth and power above his duties to the citizens he represents but if you examine the bills passed in congress it seems most of them are written to benefit  corporate America more than Americans in general. 

The  president won his office thanks to the average Joe and his/her votes and so did all of the congress. You would think they would care more about the voters who got them in office than the lobbyists and the corporations behind them. I do believe there are some in congress and Washington that do care and listen, just not enough to make a difference. I also believe if enough people got together and voiced their concerns to our capitol then congress would have to listen. We the people of The united states is what the constitution says and not we the wealthy or we the corporations. Maybe I am just believing in the fairy tale that the USA is a free nation and has a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Well who knows only time will only tell.


Proof one Voice Can make Change

Here is Proof That Anyone Can Make Change or at Least Get Noticed when they speak up. Good Job Brandon!

Teen gets letter from the Vice President

A little more than one month ago, Brandon Halcomb … a Leslie County High School student wrote an open letter to Vice President asking for an apology.

Biden used the "f word" on national television right before President Obama signed the Health Care reform bill into law.

Brandon recently got a response from the Vice President.

Read the rest from the source @

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They work for us

  The air is full of chill and yet spring has arrived. The news people are jabbering about politics as usual,
debating the next bill that will either save the day or bring us doom.  Republicans claiming democrats spend
more when they all spend money that isn’t really theirs. They work for us down on main street but seem to serve
the big corporations and greed. When a congressman/woman makes more in one year then allot of us do in a lifetime
there seems to be something wrong. Why is it only a select few live high and clear of poverty and have great health
care plans while those who do the hard work seem to do without or pay high costs to have health care? Living on
minimum wage is impossible if you have to pay bills and eat.  I know life isn’t meant to be fair but it should be a bit
less unbalanced. I believe healthcare should be affordable to the poverty class and so should food. And far as welfare
and food stamps its next to impossible to get them if you have a job and are trying to better yourself. 

Do not get me wrong the Aid available for those in need is a good system though i see allot of abuse of it and allot of
people struggling to get by just because the work a job that may give them a few too many hours work to qualify for
help. Luckily at this time in my life i am not in need of such benefits other than it would be nice to have a health card or
something since i am only part time at my job and the insurance we can get is only accidental not health or dental.

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The News Media, Politicians and More


  Seems to me now days the news media is more about shaping the political views of its watchers than about bringing facts and information to the viewers. One News network transmits mainly Obama pro ideals as another may transmit anti Obama views. But all of them are guilty of playing news that boosts ratings. Okay I understand that ratings are important to any network being cable news or local television but somewhere down the line Integrity has been lost in the news media or at least to the most part.

  Now don’t get me wrong there are still a few people in the news media dedicated to bringing us the facts and the truth in the news they report. Politicians are exactly what they always have been and very few of them are completely honest with the people they represent. They are human so they will lie, cheat and whatever else they deem necessary to get what they want and sometimes what their constituents need. Even though our government system is flawed and those in power usually become corrupt there is still hope. I am one to believe that there is still some good people in power just not enough to get the job done far as making America the shining star she used to be.


The U.S. used to be a leader in technology, industry and innovation. Now we are leaders in consumption and contentment. We used to export far more than import and now we export a very small percentage of our goods and import most of what the consumers buy. We spend more than we earn and we earn less than what is necessary to survive. The Minimum wage is not enough to even be able to afford decent housing and food, leaving us in the hole financially before we even look for health insurance and other necessities of life. And if you work part time you earn too much for any aid such as food stamps, housing or welfare. So if you try to do the right thing and work you are on your own unless you cheat the system like some people do.


Our country need Healthcare Reform for sure but there are allot of issues that need to be address also.

One is the inequality of pay amongst all Americans, there are some who make billions as others scrape to get by. Not saying that CEOs or business owners shouldn’t profit from their companies but why must they make more in one year than any of their workers can in a lifetime. They always layoff workers to cut costs and move the jobs overseas to continue making profits when if they took a meager pay cut themselves they could achieve about the same thing.


And just personal observation, i can not see how a emergency room doctor is worth 800 dollars for 10 minutes of his time that is just ridiculous. i understand paying for the convenience of emergency care
but no man is worth that much per minute. And the reason i am for healthcare reform including a possible public option on insurance is all my insurance would pay for my 2000 dollar visit to the emergency room was 250 dollars of the blood work and that was my yearly limit. So i am actually loosing money paying for my insurance since what they paid out is not much more than the monthly charge I pay for their services.

  I know this is not a perfect world and that it will never be a perfect world. The wealthy will always be wealthy and the poor mostly will get the pointed end of the stick. I guess you cant blame a guy for dreaming can you?


Raymond Barbier 08/25/2009

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Consumerism or Self Preservationist?

Times are changing and probably not for the better, it is time for all Americans to get back to basics. We need to follow our grandparents and great grandparents examples on self reliance. Almost every family back in the day had a garden of some kind and many of them raised chickens and other small farm animals to supplement their food supply. Now days we just run to the local supermarket or fast food restaurant for our daily meals. Which that’s all fine and dandy when your in a booming economy but when times get tough it is not quite the best way to live. There are so many of us if our food supply were to be interrupted or our electric/gas supply we would starve and freeze etc… Fewer homes contain a alternative heating or cooking source and most families have less than a week supply of food on hand.

This leaves most of us in dire straits when a emergency arrives. Besides that fact the cost of food is rising exponentially and growing your own food is a far more nutritious and economical choice. Good news is that most Americans are already waking up to that reality and we as a nation are slowly moving away from total consumption mindedness to a more self preservation mind set. Last but not least we also are starting to enjoy the more simple things in life that by the way are usually free if not quite inexpensive.

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Peace and God Bless

Raymond Barbier

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Have Faith in Your Government?


  In the world we live in today it is very hard to have blind faith in those we choose to represent us in congress. The days of apple pie and patriotic citizens with no worries is dead and gone. The world we live in is full of terrorism, corruption and business funded politics. I understand that it is money that makes a nation work but when the people who are the main consumers and suppliers of the labor are left out to dry shows me the system is broken. More and more businesses are outsourcing to foreign countries due to the fact they can pay pennies on the dollar for labor elsewhere. But don’t you think they are overlooking the fact if all the work is done by foreigners that the Americans that were the consumers will be unemployed and unable to buy the products no matter how cheap they may be. On top of that you have companies hiring illegal aliens instead of legal aliens & citizens to do work here in the united states. Some claim most jobs that illegal aliens do are the ones Americans don’t desire to do which is nonsense. And the so called unemployment rate can not be accurate if it is only based on the benefits paid out to unemployed. There are many who do not or can not claim unemployment benefits.

 There is allot the government does not reveal to the public and it has always been that way. Even though we are a nation that was founded on the phrase “We the People of the United States of America” our nation is closer to the phrase “We the Rich and Powerful of the United States of America”.  Needles to say I am not too impressed with the current president or his policies or the lack of action by our congress. I had just recently found out that now they are planning on trying to take on the talk radio shows. Even though I do not always agree with the talk radio folk I do believe in their rights to have and voice there own opinions. I believe it was called freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Well the only faith I have in our government is the fact that they will tax the middle class and poor and give tax shelters to the rich. Besides that , not much faith in any of them up in Washington D.C. . Don’t get me wrong, I love this great nation I live in and all of its freedoms. Just slowly I watch the freedoms be striped away from the average Joe as the powerful and rich gain even more. Such is life in this world we live in and all nations have some if not all these problems or even more.