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SHE likes a girl – a lesson from her friend’s experience.

(This story was my friend’s story. I was inspired to create it for my friend)

Whenever I see two individuals who happened to have the same sex – most especially with girls – having sweet gestures to each other, my mind creates a usual judgement: Disgust.

Curiosity will grow over my system as I keep on throwing questions on myself. Why would they choose the same girl over a guy? Whatever the reason is, I can hardly understand it especially the idea that they have the same sex.

Perhaps, the truth is, you can never understand it until you experience it. Or at least someone close to your heart experienced it.

SHE likes a girl. She is clueless why it happened to her. She can hardly explain her emotions to that girl. She was just certain that whenever she saw that girl, her heart would suddenly jump and would go crazy. That whenever the girl texted her and called her with sweet names, her heart will have an irregular heartbeats. That it will create a sudden tug to her heart.

And the girl that she likes is lesbian.

She really doesn’t have any idea on what may be the culprit of liking that girl. She doesn’t know why she was greatly hooked up on that girl. She knew at the first place that it was a great sin and she had tried to divert her attention to others; however, her emotions continued to compel her from that girl. That the moment she saw that girl online on facebook, she’ll immediately wish that she would receive a message from her.

My friend shared this to me hoping that her feeling on that girl will be removed. Hoping that if she revealed this to someone close to her, her feeling to that girl will fade away.

I was shocked the moment I heard this from my friend knowing her personally. I can’t even swallow the story she entailed to me that it took me few moments to finally understand her. She never experience having a boyfriend, so I was surprised by her revelation. But what I told her is to never listen to her emotions. I convinced her that she is meant for a man. That God created a lady like her to be married to a deserving man.

Seeing my friend’s pain from this kind of situation, I wanted to offer my entire time to help her cope up with it. And I promise that as long as I am here, I am willing and I will be willing to help her and take care of her.

   But with this kind of situation, I fully understand one lesson – to remove the negative judgement towards individuals who happened to like the same sex as them. Besides I don’t know their stories, I just saw them passing by.

God bless Everyone. In case you no longer remember me, Amae here 🙂 check out my personal blog,  That would mean a lot for me. Thank you!

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is a blessing

016 Each morning we awaken to is a blessing, Every person who love us and we love are blessings as well. Each meal we eat is a blessing, every breath we take is a blessing as well. Every smile we see is a blessing in deed and every smile we give is a blessing to both ourselves and those we smile at. Having a job is a blessing, even if the job isn’t ideal or stressful it is still a blessing not to be unemployed.  Every friend we have, had and will have are blessings for they are like family and sometimes even more. Even enemies can be blessings for they teach us how not to be and sometimes help us see the faults within our own character.

Each day we have here on earth is a blessing if we see it, know it, admit it,  realize it or not. So many things we take for granted that are great blessings and so many things we forget to give thanks for as well.

Ray Barbier

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what I don’t like about myself I try to change and what I like about myself I try to improve.

004Sometimes I let what other people think of me bother me more than it should. If someone likes me or not is something I can not control and knowing that makes me see that they are going to think what they may no matter what I do or say. So do I really care if others lie me or not, well I would be lying if I said no, but it isn’t as important to me as it used to be for sure. All I can do is to try to be someone who I would like and try to be someone I could be proud of being. IF I am neither of those then I have a problem, I may not always love myself but what I don’t like about myself I try to change and what I like about myself I try to improve as well. It is an ever going challenge to improve oneself and to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Be who you are and make who you are someone you could respect and love.

Ray Barbier

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If it wasn’t for all of you

dd43853Today I started looking back upon my life, remembering all the friends I had. I have lost some to death and others through time and distance. I remember them all and miss each one of them. Today I write this post for them, a dedication or celebration of having known them and to thank them for being my friends. To those of them I may have done wrong or left behind unintentionally I apologize. To those that forgot me I will still remember you within my heart. If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t have had such a great life so far. Now that I am growing old and have lost most my friends I realize how lucky I was to have all of you. I just hope that some of you will remember me as a good guy. I hope all of you are happy and living a decent life.

I will always be a friend to all of you and will be here if you ever need me. God bless all of you and once again THANK YOU!


Friends are the anchor that keeps our feet on the ground and the lifesaver that keeps us afloat in the ocean of life.
Ray Barbier

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The words you speak, the actions you take and how you treat others is what truly defines who you are

003 When our life comes to an end do you want to be remembered as the person who was angry and full of bitterness or as the person who knew no stranger and brought happiness or compassion wherever they went? Will they see you as a great loss to the community or just another poor soul they knew. So many get caught up in greed and self-satisfaction only to find themselves either disliked by many or forgotten by all those around them. No person can be positive all the time but we should strive to be positive and to be an example for others around us.  How we act and how we treat others is what we are judged on by our peers and will be the defining factor of how we are remembered after our time is up.

Though it may be a bit grim if not morbid to think about how others will remember you in the end, but that is part of being a mortal being as we humans are. All of our possessions, wealth and personal triumphs will be forgotten but how we lived our life along how we treated others will remain beyond our lifetime. Some will  wonder why would it matter what others remember you as after you die? Well I guess to some people it makes no difference, for as I am concerned it not that important but if I am remembered it would be better if it was in the positive. All we really have here on earth that no one can take from us is who and what we are and how we decide to interact with the world.

I guess the point I am trying to get across is that the words you speak, the actions you take and how you treat others is what truly defines who you are. The question is how do you want others to perceive you while you are living and how would you like to remembered in life as well as beyond the grave.  Walk through life the way you would like to be known and remembered. For how you walk through life and what path you choose is your own choice to make and so is how you are perceived and remembered.

The law of attraction says that similar things attract one another. Murphy’s law says that if it can go wrong it will. Life does not always go by the rules  and seldom does it follow any of the laws.
Raymond Barbier

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But a Fool Can Be a Wiseman Some of The Time

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Looking back on my life and at all the friends that came into my life and have gone away, I remember the fun and boring times with a sense of bliss. Wondering am I, About where they all are and how there lives have turned out. Pondering on the possibility if any of them think of me or even remember my name. Makes me even question what effect I had on this world and the people I have known. I know sometimes I played the fool and other times I played the Loner. I know I may have done wrong to to others with no malice in my heart, Yet good intentions or not what is wrong is wrong. I may have done some good for a handful of people I have met, yet the majority of the time I was just there and had no effect.

All the dreams I had are now just ghostly thoughts from my youth. What dreams remain are very simple and down to earth. The wandering fool has no direction nor no destination and this wandering fool walks in too many circles. The Wiseman who puts away his wisdom is more a fool than the fool himself. For wisdom and knowledge should be used if not shared and if wasted is as useless as a boat on dry land. And I need to get my boat back out to sea instead of letting it rot on the sandy shore.

The realization that friends and family are the true treasures of life brings this fool one step closer to being a sage. Love is the life force that is in us all and it is the greatest gift god gave us all. Be compassionate and loving to one another, shoulder the weight for your brother and or your sister when they are in need. Look beyond color,sex,origin and religion to see we are all one big family in a quite large house. Put Greed,fear,selfishness and deceit behind you for they are nothing but stumbling blocks on the path to happiness. Most Important is to remember to Love,Forgive and accept yourself as who and what you are.

Looking back on my life I see all the good friends and family I had. I am fortunate to had the friends and family I had and those I still do have. I May be a fool, But a fool can be a Wiseman some of the time.

Peace and Love to you all.
Raymond Barbier

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Looking Backward, Looking at Today

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 Looking backwards and longing for the days of youth, forgetting the best time of our lives is here and now. Age does not only take from us the vitality of youth but brings us wisdom and the greatness of experience. So I may not look as young and as good as i did 20 years ago, I still am here and can enjoy life. The superficial things that I have supposedly lost were nothing to me when i had them so they remain nothing to me now as they fade away.

Fortunate for me I was never the Hunk or Stud in my youth, I was just the average Joe who muddled through his teen years in a confused and lonely state of mind. Still confused in my middle age and sometimes still deal with loneliness but only when I allow the illusion to blind me from the love around me. I may not have all I dreamed of having but I do have all I need. The only regret I have is the loss of friends through the years from moving and from their passing on. Friendship is something I value and see as one of the many keys to happiness.

The greatest gift of growing old to me is that I do not worry about others peoples opinions of me as much as I used to. I worry more about my self image more than the image others perceive me as. I still care about other peoples feelings and well being as much if not more now as I approach my mid 40’s. Seems to me what I do affects all those around me, so I try to make sure what I do and say is either neutral or positive if all possible.

Music still is the driving force behind me and my life, I may never have made it into a band or the music industry per se but I still love a wide selection of musical genres and do not limit myself to the POP Genres. I will listen to about any type of music that comes my way. Without music I feel my life would be without any type of fun or direction. Babbling on I am in this post, seems my mind once again is in its transient stage. Ever wandering and pondering on thought after thought. Like a blender full of ideas and dreams spinning round and round, Churning and mixing while spitting out bits of one thing or another. This I guess is another part of growing old, your mind starts to become fuddled and chaotic at times and then it goes on vacation permanently.

Looking at today and forgetting what yesterday was while knowing the future will bring what it pleases regardless of my plans and wishes. Carpe Diem, seize the moment as the old phrase goes. Live for today and enjoy it before it becomes yet another forgotten yesterday. Remember the past but live in it not, It served us well when it was a today and reminds us of what to and not to do but that is all it is for now that today is here.

Peace and Prosperity to All
Raymond Barbier