Just some random thoughts to ponder on.

003Sometimes we go through our day without telling those who we care about how important they are to us or how much they impact our lives. We throw the word love around so much we tend to forget how to show love to others, both those we like and those who are strangers. Taking anyone or anything in life for granted tends to lead to the loss of those people and things. We get so hung up on our daily routine and sometimes even our own problems we forget those people and things that are important to us. We need to slow down and smell the roses as well as share a positive thought or a caring action with others as we go through our daily lives.  Compassion does not mean to have pity, it means to have concern and love towards all living things. Charity does not mean throwing money at a problem, it means helping those in need with not only physical needs but to educate them in ways to help themselves as well. It may be natural to focus upon yourself and those close to you, but it is supernatural to care about everyone and everything in this big world. We tend to get hung up on one thing or another to the point we can not see the whole picture. We either become self-centered or apathetic to the problems in our world around us. We need to wake up from our foggy self-centered apathetic dream state and see that as a world community we can overcome and achieve almost anything. Only if we can set our differences aside along with finding tolerance for each others cultural differences. In the end we all want the eradication of starvation, the end of all homelessness and a brighter future for our children.

This world needs a change of direction as well as a change in heart, we can not take anyone or thing for granted nor can we go on being in a foggy state of denial. We must find compassion, tolerance and love for one another as well as a less self-centered view of the world around us. We need to see that every living creäture big or small is an important part of our world and its ecosystem. No one person is greater or lesser than the other, they are equal though different. The differences between each and every one of us is what makes humanity a wondrous species and an unstoppable force when we work together. We should strive towards a world of love, equality and peace as we rid ourselves of the greed and hatred that plagues us as a species.

Just some random thoughts to ponder on. Right or wrong they are here for all to see.

Raymond Barbier

8 thoughts on “Just some random thoughts to ponder on.”

  1. Ray,….you are so right!! We do throw the word LOVE out there, and we sometimes forget just how powerful LOVE really is!! I tell everyone that i love them,….because i truly do!! I try so hard to make time for others, but i know that i fall short sometimes. I can hardly stand to see someone in pain, or to watch someone suffer!! It breaks my heart!! I want so badly to “fix” situations, or suffering,…but i know that only the Lord, can do this!! What i can do,…is PRAY!! Sincerely, and earnestly!! The Bible says that,….The Prayers Of A Righteous Man,…Availeth Much. I do not know how righteous that i am,….but i pray sincerely, and with a heart of love, for those in pain, or with sickness and affliction, and for those with broken hearts. It truly IS all about love!! I want so much for people to know the Lord, and how loving and kind He is!! I want for everyone to have happiness, and good health, a roof over their heads, and enough food to eat. I hope that i can be a loving, and kind friend to all,…because that is what i want most to be!! I hope i always show love!!

    Cathy Adams

    1. Thank you for such a heartfelt comment, yeah i have the fixer mentality too. somethings we can fix, somethings are beyond our control. The ones beyond our means to fix are left to god. Thanks again for the comment My sweet friend.

  2. . We should strive towards a world of love, equality and peace as we rid ourselves of the greed and hatred that plagues us as a species. Amen!! Hello Raymond this post is so on time and good,I was just thinking last night about “Love”! And this is the answer “striving” towards each other with the love of Jesus.I just love your post,thanks for sharing and for your visit.
    Love you brother 😀

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read my posts, Jesus taught love, compassion and forgiveness and I try hard to live with those 3 as my guide. (often failing due to being only human) Thanks for such a great comment and love your blog.

      God Bless you

  3. Thank you for the link back on my post “Change Begins With a Choice” and for following my blog, Raymond! I appreciate it.

    Looks like we write on the same topics. You have a pretty interesting blog here. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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