Just some random thoughts on a Monday (8-20-2012)

013 Material possessions may seem to be the answer to the emptiness one feels but it is only a temporary fix. The problem with materialism is the more you have the more you will want, a possession may make you feel good or happy for a short-lived amount of time. Materialism is but a means to calm your addiction to your addiction to the sensations brought on by the activation of the pleasure center of the brain. Though there is more to a human being than their biological parts, we still are bound by our body and its needs, wants and its reaction to stimuli.

Love of others and the love of the self in an unconditional manner is one of the best way to fill the void one feels within. To aid those in need and help those who are unable to help themselves is a true form of love and/or compassion. By helping others we have a purpose in life and we also are teaching others by example how to be kind, compassionate and live a loving life of peace. We should always respect the beliefs of others and also respect their wishes unless their wish is to cause harm to themselves or others. Of course their may be exceptions to that ideology but for the most part we must see the preservation of all life as one of our highest priorities. Humanity’s main goal or purpose is to propagate and to survive and without those goals being met the rest of the priorities will become null and void.

We need to overcome the illusion that one person is worth more or less than another, matter of fact all life is equally important and should be cherished. We have a carnal nature because we exist in a pleasure driven body, the fact we are creatures that love how our brain reacts to certain stimuli and that we also are creatures of habit by our nature it is a hard task to keep our desires in check. The instincts and thoughts of the things we consider pleasurable are ever-present in our subconscious and our mind tends to seek out what makes us feel good. So the fight to not be immoral is not a battle easily won, but it a battle that we must fight because we are also beings of intelligence and of spirit.

It seems all we want in life is to be happy and feel good and there isn’t really nothing wrong with that. It is all in the way we pursue our happiness and how we reach that feel good moment in life. As long as both are obtained without the degradation or the harming of another person and or our own selves then it is a good thing.

Just some random thoughts on a Monday
Ray Barbier

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

3 thoughts on “Just some random thoughts on a Monday (8-20-2012)”

  1. Beautiful post Ray. It’s easy to forget being kind and compassionate to oneself as well as others in the rigmarole of life. We need to slow down a little! Thanks for mentioning my post on Mindful Mondays too. I’m flattered 🙂

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