Fear, faith and hope–random thoughts 8-30-2014

african-sunset_w725_h483There are those that seek to control others with fear, they for some reason believe that instilling fear in others gives them power. The thing with fear is one can overcome it, learn to channel it and also learn to let it pass through them. The bible teaches us the only one and or thing we must fear is God. No man nor woman can destroy that which god has given you unless it be his will. So learn to replace the fear that other humans try to  instill within you with faith in God and his promises. Whom shall you believe and whom shall you fear is solely your decision, God gave us that power when he gave all of us freewill.

Only God can take away your immortal soul, he is the only one that can give you access to heaven or deny you entrance as well. No man can take away the treasures you stow away in heaven, all a man or woman can do is take away the things of this earth. All things on and in this earth are temporary and no one or thing that is of this earth shall remain past their time allotted by God. So worry little over matters of the world and be as God desires, loving , forgiving and good examples of the children of God we have been created to be.

Fear has no power when confronted with Faith and Hope.

Ray Barbier

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Our differences can be what makes us strong

025 Another day has dawned, another page has yet to be written. Another chance for change and growth as long as we don’t become ego stricken. We remember the lessons of our past actions and words so that we can avoid repeating our past mistakes.  For each thought, action and word can change our course as well as raise the stakes. Each day is a gamble not a preplanned destiny or fate for us to be chained to. We are the captain of our body and mind and we choose the course we will travel through.

There are bumps in the road and potholes as well and even sometimes other people who can distract us or mislead us if we allow them to. We must keep in control and adjust course when external forces try to interfere or obstruct our way. Obstacles are but objects put there to help us gain experience and strength so worry not over them. Just deal with them and move on down the path you have chosen.

Don’t allow the woes and worries of life to influence your thoughts, emotions or behavior. To do so is to lose a part of who you are to their influence. Be true to yourself and be who you truly are without fear of rejection or ridicule. Better to be yourself and deal with the problems and perks of such than to be someone you’re not. I rather to be loved or liked by just one for being me than by thousands for being who I am not.

Try not to be judgmental of others, but if you must be then do it so with great compassion and understanding. For the way you judge others is how you shall be judged as well. Remember that not one human is perfect and that everyone else has the stresses of life and worries that are similar to your own. We all are a part of the world and  the family of humanity. We all are faulty and we all have needs, wants and desires. but when it boils down to it we all want happiness, peace and a better world for the children of today and the children of tomorrow.

We may all have different religious beliefs, political views and personal opinions but they are not obstacles they are what makes us a diverse but resilient species. Our differences can be what makes us strong instead of what makes us weak and separate. Once we accept that each person has the right to choose in what they believe or not then we can move past our intolerance of each others differences. When that time comes humanity will finally be able to work together to make this world a wonderful place to live in.

Ray Barbier

Give up your hurting heart, leave at the alter your worldly, angry, hardened and selfish heart.

wdh1010 Give up your hurting heart, leave at the alter your worldly, angry, hardened and selfish heart. Pick up that heart God and Jesus gave you, let the seed of love, compassion and understanding grow within you. I know, it is so easy to say that in such a world we live in that it is impossible to be the person God wants us to be. So easy to give in to the fear of failure and the temptation of staying in your comfort zone. Change is scary and being compassionate, loving, caring and understanding is even scarier because you put yourself in a position to be ridiculed, chastised and shunned by those who don’t believe.

p10328 Jesus suffered ridiculed, chastised and shunned by others all the way to the cross. We may have to suffer similar to follow him, that’s a risk we must take as Christians and one well worth it considering what is promised. The fear we suffer when we are trying to choose God and Jesus is just a trick of the enemy and he tries many ways to lead you away from the Love of God. Though we are to believe in faith not by sight there is many signs of God around us. The earth we live on and the life within it is statistically a long shot to exist. The ability for a species to be cognitive, sentient and self-aware is also a statistical rarity. Prayers and miracle healings happening all over the world is another sign. I have seen a few cases of miracle healings and a few people make a 180 in their life after accepting Christ.

p10188To be fair I have seen many times where prayers were not answered and people who didn’t receive healing as well. I do not claim to know why God chooses to do for one and not for another. His will is not ours to understand, it is only ours to accept and embrace. He has a plan for each of us, sometimes he doesn’t answer prayers to save us from the suffering it would bring to us, sometimes its to teach us a lesson. Some may not be healed because God wanted them to come home or they were ready to go home. Either way, there is proof to the power of prayer and there is miracles still happening in modern times and you can find them if you look hard enough.

 Choose to believe or choose not to believe, the choice is yours. Either way I pray you will be blessed and be guided by God and saved by the sacrifice of the lamb we call Christ.

Ray Barbier

Some Random Ideas


Too many times I find that I choose to be unhappy by focusing on the negative thoughts running amok in my head. I also have noticed when I put some effort into pushing the negative thoughts aside with a more positive frame of mind, my day seems to get a lot brighter and/or happier. So I have come to the conclusion that ones frame of thought controls not only the mood one is in but also significantly influences ones total outlook on life. To think positive, to reject the negative thoughts within yourself and that which comes from an external force can change ones day if not life. We are what we think or believe we are and we are either limited or expanded by those thoughts and/or beliefs. The power of thought along with emotions are what makes us the sentient beings God has created us to be, without self-consciousness and emotional awareness we would not have the great potential we as human beings have.

Ray Barbier

Fear, The Enemy of Success and of Happiness.

tpl_7_ppl  Paranoia, self-doubt and low self-esteem are some the most difficult thought processes to correct. They play a significant role in ones chances to achieve success and in living a happy life. It seems for the most part the roadblocks to happiness stem from one troublesome root. That root cause appears to be fear, fear of failure, rejection and the fear of not being able to be in control. Fear seems to control so much of our decision-making that it controls a part if not all of our life. Though fear has its place in one’s life it is not supposed to control our life. Fear is a lot like a wild dog, once it is in the chicken coop it will keep killing the chickens until it gets tamed. Just like the wild dog, fear is something we all need to learn how to tame. Because if we allow fear to run wild it will kill our hopes and dreams before they have a chance to materialize as possible realities.

The fears we all have to face seem to be deep-rooted and they had their beginnings far in our youthful past. The worst of them usually come from our childhood and teen years. The only way I know to face such fears is to discover the time and place of origin. If we can discover the original source then we can find a way to overcome the fears hold on us.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

  In a nut shell the only way to conquer or tame your fears is to discover their root and face them head on. Once you do overcome your fears then you are on the path to becoming your true self and will be able to live to your full potential.


Just some random thoughts on fear

Raymond Barbier

We can not allow fear to be what leads us into the future.

003  Fear controls this world, fear of recession, fear of war, fear of famine, fear of Armageddon and fear of the unknown. Too much fear is pushed via the news and by even the politicians. We can not allow fear to be what leads us into the future or let it be what rules us in the present. For fear clouds our ability to make decisions and keeps us from fulfilling our potential both as individuals and a species. As a Politician once said there is nothing to fear but fear itself and I believe fear is a tool that many people in power use to try to control the populace. We must face the fear and put it in its place before it devours us and creates a world that is chaotic.

Fear has started many of wars, it has created mass hysteria such as the War of The Worlds episode done by Orson Wells. Fear is even a greater enemy to mankind than anger and or greed. Fear can destroy just one person as well as a whole society of it goes unchecked. The shame is most fear is created by either misinformation or the lack of understanding. Even though our modern society has become desensitized to many things both good and bad we still seem so ready to embrace fear. Though fear has its place it is seems to be running wildly through the world. Look how easy the stock market is effected by negative outlooks and reports.

This is not the time for fear but the time for hope and for coming up with solutions. We just need to learn to either control our fear or to put it behind us for the good of mankind. Fear is the enemy of progress and the stumbling block of humanity.


Well that’s my 2 cents worth.
Though I could be either wrong or right, I have no fear in expressing my thoughts.

Raymond Barbier

Many days were wasted

HPIM0109 The older I get the more I realize how much time I wasted in my lifetime. Wasting time on worry, anger, fear and self-doubt. I spent way too many hours worrying about what other people think about me or if I was accepted or not. Many days were wasted fearing things that either were unlikely to happen or were out of my control. I spent too much time and energy on being angry at how my life isn’t what I planned or being angry at someone over something trivial. Though anger in me is usually short-lived it still is a waste of time far as I am concerned.

So much time I wasted on useless things that could have been used to enjoy life and to enjoy the people who I am around. To live for the day or seize the moment is the philosophy I try to follow. Though there is times I still get hung up on the past or have a little fear of what may come it usually has a very short half-life. I am trying to focus on the positive as well as embracing the blessings that are before me. The past is said and done and the future can wait for tomorrow.

Enjoy those who are in your life as you embrace the blessing that you have been granted. Forget about the curses that may plague you for they will pass. Don’t allow yourself to make life any more complicated than necessary. Happiness is as much of a choice as being unhappy and life is what you make of it.


Well enough Random Thoughts for now.
Raymond Barbier

When we were young, As we grew older

001  When we were young we lived each day without any care or fear of what the future may bring. We accepted what was before us and embraced change as if it where a brother or sister. As we grew older we started learning to fear the unknown as well as to worry about what may or may not happen in the near future. We went from truly living life in the moment to fearing the future and losing the ability to live in the here and now. Fear has its purpose but it is not meant to be a every day thing. Let the past lay in the past and let the future take care of its self, for the only time and moment we should think about or live in is the present.

Live in the here and now, Love those we have been blessed to have in our life and embrace every moment we have to live. The present is a gift that we should cherish much like the past is something we should remember but not live in. The future is something we can not really control though many live in the illusion that they can. When we were young we also accepted others for what they were and rarely looked for fault in their character. We judged no one and rarely judged our own selves. We looked for the good in all things instead of looking for the bad. Some call that innocence, I say it is living life the way it was intended to be.

If one goes through life only looking for fault in themselves and others then that is all that they will find. Obviously we all have faults and none of us are perfect so finding fault in someone is so much easier than seeing the good in them. We can not ignore the faults but we can try to see beyond them and accept them. We should focus on the good in ourselves and others, we should also try to help bring out the better qualities within ourselves and those around us. For we only have this one life to live and should try to make the best of it.

Live for today and seize the moment
Raymond Barbier

Sometimes, I know and Live in

017-2Sometimes I look too long at the prize I seem to become blind to the blessings already here.
Sometimes I fear what I can not control so much I lose perspective and lose my way.
Sometimes I live too much in the past and wind up neglecting things in the present that I hold dear.
Sometimes I let my mind wander in dreams so much I dream away most of the day.

I know that the blessings I have are worth cherishing and I try to be thankful for them all.
I know most things that I fear are nothing but a negative view created by my own mind.
I know we can learn from the past but we should live in the present and answer its call.
I know dreams are good and help one work out ideas but there is reality one must find.

Live in the moment and for the day but always keep your eyes on what the future may bring.
Live in caution but with no fear of what could be and make the best of what life brings your way.
Live in the here and now while remembering  memories that makes your heart want to sing.
Live in reality while holding on to the dreams that help you get through each and every day.

Enough Rambling for now

Ray Barbier

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