I am greater than the sum of all my parts

Freewill concepts based upon Philosophy of Min...
Freewill concepts based upon Philosophy of Mind Causation Views. This document has been produced in the same format as this document (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the difference between what we label as the mind and what we refer to as the heart? Aren’t both just mental processes or biochemical occurrences in our brain? From the scientific view that is all we are, a big organic biochemical computer with no soul or spark of life. We only can act or react in the way we were programmed by the environment we live in and the experiences we have been through. We have no freewill because all we do is predestined by our life time of conditioning. If this is true then why can two individuals grow up in the same environment and are exposed to very similar experiences turn out so different. How can a man who has walked a very dark path all of a sudden change and walk a path of peace and love? I can not deny the influence on our psyche by the environment  we grew up in or the life experiences we may have through life but I do know we can choose to either let them be what defines us or we can choose to make our own path regardless of what hand life dealt us.

The thing about freewill is we can choose to use it or we can choose to be a victim of our environment and life experiences. Freewill is really nothing other than the ability to exert you own will and the ability to be more than the sum of your life experiences and the environmental influences of your life. The heart is your emotional self but it also the side of you that knows the difference between selfish and loving acts or thoughts. Could it be just logical processes or instinct or is it just a learned process from your parents? Is it a divine spark with our carnal mind? those questions are yours to explore and answer. All I will say is there is like two sides to ones personality, one that cares for itself and the other that cares for everyone and everything else.  To be honest if all I am is a biochemical computer programmed from experiences and by my environment then what is this lifetime I have been blessed with for? Well thank god I know that I am greater than the sum of all my parts and that I do have freewill . But I respect those who chose to believe otherwise and rather think that we are all victims of circumstance and experiences.

Just something to think on
Raymond Barbier

4 thoughts on “I am greater than the sum of all my parts”

  1. I have often wondered about how two people can have the same parent’s, live in the same house, grow up under the same rules, but yet BE so very different. You do have a choice in most all aspects of your life, as to how you will handle certain situations. You can choose to do right,….or choose to do wrong. I try very hard to make the right choices, but sometimes my good intentions, turn out other than i would like for them to. I find that i am certainly not perfect!! I want to choose the right way of doing all things, but i must first study on what God says what is right, and not just what i THINK is right. I try very hard to be a peacemaker, and in doing so….i sometimes have caused harm!! I must not be concerned about what people are thinking, and BE concerned over what God is thinking. I find i cannot please everyone, and it is so futile to try to. But,…if i am pleasing to God,…He will help me to think right, and make the right choices, to do the right things, even if other’s cannot understand my decisions, or why i am doing something. I sure never mean to cause harm, or make poor choices. I want to use the free will that God has given me, to do the right things that HE wants me to. Even if sometimes, in the process i may make people upset with me!! That thought is so troubling to me,…but i HAVE to make a stand for what is right!!

  2. Part of the answer to the question of how siblings can be so different from one another is due to the affects of birth order. A first-born will have personality traits that the baby of a large family generally would not and vice versa.

    Interestingly, the family “peacemakers” are most frequently the “middle child”.

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