Cherish each day and enjoy each moment with those you love

CB100292 With several friends of mine getting sick and/or hospitalized lately I have reflected on life and how we seem to take it and those we care about for granted. Times like these makes me remember how blessed I am and have been with the few friends I have and kept through out my life. Life is a precious thing that most of us don’t cherish as much as we should. We allow too many things out of our daily routine and stresses to sidetrack us from the things in life that are important to us. Sometimes we even put entertainments such as television and the internet come between us and our family and/or friends. To be honest it has been a long time since I sat at a table with love ones for dinner other than for holidays and eating out once and a blue moon. There is nothing wrong with having time for yourself but I think sometimes we forget we need to have together time with those we love.

MP900442811We need to turn off the computer and the television from time to time and take out a board game or go  outside with the family for some together fun time. Not only is time with the family fun and helps form  a stronger bond between its members it is quite therapeutic in the sense it enhances ones mood towards  the positive. Then there is the good old compromise of watching a movie together or going out for dinner  with each other. It also is almost as important to spend time out with friends to give you a change of  atmosphere as well as a place and time to vent or blow off steam. What ever way you choose to spend more  time with family and friends is beneficial to everyone involved.

Cherish each day and enjoy each moment with those you love
Raymond Barbier

2 thoughts on “Cherish each day and enjoy each moment with those you love”

  1. My friend,….you are SO right!! I am so thankful to God, everyday for allowing me to have such wonderful family, and friends!! I feel so blessed!! I am very close to not only my family, but my friends as well!! Everyday of life,….gives me a reason to celebrate living, and another day, with family and friends!! Life takes some interesting twists and turns sometimes,….but it is just so wonderful to see and hear from the people i love everyday. I am thankful to have a close relationship with all three of my children, and my two Grandbabies. I am so very blessed that they all live close, and come visit all throughout the week. Oh!!! God is SO good!!! I am blessed also, to not only have many old friends,….but blessed with my new ones as well!! I pray that everyone could know and be blessed with this kind of love!!

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