So be very aware of your words and actions

A powerful light shines in the dark.

In life there are those we meet and then never see again, they may have even affected our lives but they become faded memories. Then there are those that we can never forget, some are one time chance meetings but most are of the long friendship type of meetings. They stay in your mind be it the front or back of it, they influence you life even if they are not present in your life at the time. Words they have said echo within your mind both consciously and subconsciously. They were your best friends, neighbors, relatives and even your love interests throughout your life.  In their own way they contributed to who you are and helped you through life. Even those whom where mean and were negative influences have had left their mark in who you have become.  In turn you have played both negative and positive influence on all of the people you’ve encountered in your life, you helped each one of them become who they are in one way or another. We all a part of each other and we all are brothers and sisters in life.

By understanding both how others can influence a part of who you are and how you influence them in the same way, you learn that every word you say and every action you take makes a difference. If it is a positive or negative difference is up to you. So be very aware of your words and actions for they will not only impact those around you they will definitely effect you as well.  We are responsible for our every action we take, thought we have and the words we choose to say. For each one of them have power and can enact change and defiantly effect people.

 The power of our thoughts and words usually is overlooked as well as their effect on the world around us.
Think wisely and speak only words of truth and kindness so your influence will be positive.

Ray Barbier


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