Getting older isn’t so bad if you can put aside your insecurities

IMG_1078fb One of the hardest tasks I have had in my life is dealing with my ego, Though it isn’t a big one it sure likes to be the center of attention and when its not it makes my day rough. I have learned to pretty much keep it check for the most part but it likes to rear its head at least once or twice a day and I have to remind myself to not allow the selfishness, self-centeredness it brings to interfere or influence my actions, words and choices.
Seems like most people I have to face down that me, myself and I syndrome. It is even harder to face it down when you are a sensitive person who gets their feelings hurt easily, though most of the time I can hide the hurt but sometimes my ego gets control and it comes to the surface in the form of bitterness or anger and sometimes sadness.  Now I just turned 45 my ego is poking at my fear of aging, though it doesn’t bother me most the time it just seems when birthdays come I fall into the pit of self-pity for a day and then climb back out thinking how silly of me to be concerned with such superficial things. Vanity isn’t one of those things that bother me, so usually it is short-lived like a day or two around my birthday.

Getting older isn’t so bad if you can put aside your insecurities and don’t ponder on your mortality too much. I may look older but I still feel like I am in my early 30’s and it doesn’t matter what my physical shell looks like, it’s all about the spirit that dwells within. So now I have turned 45 I am going to put all my effort into putting my ego away in order to be the person I truly am within. Like it or not, I am who I am, at least until I become who I am to be.

May God shed some light in your darkness and pour his wisdom upon your mind and heart.

Ray Barbier

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