Focus on the good and the good you can do

006 (2)To be happy one must learn to accept who they are with all of their strengths and all of their shortcomings. Being human means we will at times be angry, bitter, sad and even mean. We will make mistakes, we will hurt others unintentionally and sometimes intentionally. We must accept these facts and then learn to make them a lesser part of our daily lives. Focus on the good qualities within ourselves and learn to control the ones we see as negative or bad. We also must learn to forgive ourselves when we do fall to the darker side for even though it’s not our true nature it’s still part of who we are.

I think we put too much focus on our failings and our shortcomings, we leave little time for the better qualities to surface and for us to expand upon them. I believe if we focus more on the good qualities we have and on bringing them to the surface then we would leave little if no time for the negative ones to manifest themselves in our daily lives. Stop worrying  about what you shouldn’t have done or what you could have done and focus on what you should do now and what you should avoid doing in the future. Live in the now more than the past, focus on the good and the good you can do more than on what may go wrong or what if I fail.

What are you focusing on? The bad in your life or the Goodness you want to have and share within your life? Think positive / Good and live in the here and now.

Ray Barbier

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