There is no guarantee we have tomorrow

jesus-christ-0206 Too many times we take those we love for granted, expect them to be there tomorrow and forget to show them how much we need, love and care about them. There is no guarantee we have tomorrow so we should show how much people mean to us today, we should never put off something as important as how we feel for one another till another day. God gave us the ability to love, care for and to help one another and we should use those gifts daily. We need to learn how to put our self and our ego’s behind us so that we can fully show our love and compassion for others.

We should live our lives, love others and be the best we can be for God and Jesus each day.

Raymond Barbier

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

4 thoughts on “There is no guarantee we have tomorrow”

  1. Hi Ray: Your right there are no guarentees. May be it would be easier to do all your talking about if we taught and lived the values that were capable of bringing about the results you mentioned. As long as were all “competing” with one another, there will always be winners and losers in life.

    1. The only way to change the values of people is to make the change in ones self. It has to start somewhere. And they will work even in this modern mess we live in, just harder….

  2. It seems when i’m in need of some words of wisdom i always seem to find my way to this site and there is that “one” article that speaks to me and i read it and long behold it’s something that i was in need for so thanks for writing this one cause it again like so many others get my mind back onto the right pathway, thanks man…peace and God bless.

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