Random Thoughts 12/28/2014

IMG_1078fbIn life we walk around looking for happiness, harmony and acceptance. We seek these things in the eyes, hearts and arms of others. The truth is even though others can enhance your happiness they can not create it. Happiness is something that you must create and claim on your own. If you go through life waiting for a hero or heroine to come and save the day then you are bound to be repeatedly disappointed unless of course you realize that hero or heroine is you.

Stop looking for an external source to your happiness and start building a better you within your own mind and heart. First one must learn to love and accept themselves before they can truly learn to love and accept others. In the same thought one may even say you must learn to love yourself before you can fully learn how to appreciate and accept the love of others. All change starts within as so does all happiness, without an inner sense of love, happiness and a sense of ones true self it is difficult to be happy.

Of course some say you can have a selfish love of sorts, but love in nature isnt selfish. So we would say that what they refer to selfish love is some form of  greed or lust  than a form of love.. Within you is the potential of such great love and compassion.


Love is something we give and if we are fortunate we will receive in return
Ray Barbier

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