Random thoughts 2/1/2015

014_edited-2Facing the truth when it comes to your own self is one of the hardest things you have to face in life. Accepting that you are not invincible, that in fact you are as vulnerable as everyone else is hard to accept. Though I never thought I was a superman or anything along that lines, I did however believe I was far tougher than I found myself to be.  The human spirit can overcome almost anything that is thrown at it over time but in the end you still suffer the after effects of wrong decisions and unfortunate circumstances.

Strength isn’t as much the physical ability of a person  as it is the mental and/or spiritual fortitude they possess.  Knowing versus actual understanding is two different things as well. But even having understanding is useless if it is not brought to life through application and/or action.  Many of profound ideas and thought have been laid to waste by the lack of someone bringing them to life through action.

So the old adage of putting your money where your mouth is comes to mind as well as practice as you preach.  I say this to myself often now as I grow older, I realize that even though I have greatest of intentions that without putting them into action or living by them they are but pretty thoughts and words.  So I say to you all if you believe in something, have grand and wondrous ideas do not allow them to be laid to waste by inaction.  Don’t let them be nothing more than good intentions that never become a part of reality.


Ray Barbier

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