A tribute to a great friend & a great Person

Dennis Scott Rice

Mr. Dennis Scott Rice, age 40, died in an automobile accident on Friday, June 15, 2007.

He was married to his lovely wife, Angela, for 17 years. He was a very loving and giving husband and devoted father. He loved snow skiing and vacationing with his family. He was a member of Grace Baptist Church, where he was a deacon. He taught the High School Student Ministry Class and was a leader of the First Impressions Team with Grace Baptist Church. He graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1992. He worked with the Georgia Department of Transportation for 14 years as an LTAP Director, “Local Technical Assistance Program.”

He is survived by his wife, Angela Rice; daughter, Abigail “Abby” Rice; son, Samuel “Sam” Rice; brothers, Marshall Rice, Nichols, and Curtis Rice, Alto; sister, Kimberly Rice Coty, Marietta; his parents, Terry and Belle Rice, Alto; mother-in-law, Hattie Barr, Covington; special friends Chad and Becky Seymour of Tifton; and a host of other relatives. He was preceded in death by father-in-law, Robert Shorty Barr.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at Grace Baptist Church, Flowery Branch. Officiating will be the Rev. Jeff Worley and the Rev. Terry M. Rice. The family will receive friends Monday, June 18, 2007 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Memorial Park South Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in memory of Dennis to the student ministry at Grace Baptist Church, 4256 Martin Road, Flowery Branch, GA 30542, (770) 965-3044.

Memorial Park South Funeral Home, Flowery Branch

The Times, Gainesville, Ga., June 18, 2007

Originally published Monday, June 18, 2007

Chuck-A-Burger in St. John Missouri to close

By D. Paul Harris
ST. JOHN — The Chuck-A-Burger, the restaurant that looks like it could double as a set in “American Graffiti,” is closing at the end of the year.
The restaurant, which opened at 9025 St. Charles Rock Road in 1957, will lose its lease Dec. 31.
Owner Ron Stille opened another Chuck-A-Burger two years ago in St. Charles, and he said he can’t afford to buy the property here.
“It makes me sick because I grew up there,” said Stille, 52, of Ellisville. Advertisement
“It’s touched thousands of lives, including my family and friends. When my dad passed away in 1999, I went down there in the middle of the night and just stood in the kitchen and cried. Because this was family … how much that store means to us.”
The restaurant, which seats 42 inside and has 65 parking spaces, also is close to the hearts of legions of customers.
“That’s where you went to meet your buddies or to take your girlfriend and sit in the parking lot and drink a cherry Coke,” Stille said. “On Friday or Saturday night you’d cruise around in your ’57 Chevy before you went to a drive-in movie or after a movie.”
Chuck-A-Burger opened its first store in 1955 at Page and Pennsylvania avenues in Pagedale. At the company’s peak, in the 1960s, there were eight locations in the St. Louis area.
Stille’s father, Ralph, was the first manager of the Rock Road restaurant. Ralph Stille bought the business in 1978 and Ron and his wife, Linda, bought it from Ralph in 1995.
The business faded in the 1970s in the face of chain competition, but in 1982 Ron and his father revitalized the store by starting “cruise nights” on weekends, making it a meeting place for classic cars, carhops and ’50s and ’60s music.
Some customers Thursday took the news hard.
“I remember as a kid, I used to watch the snow falling from the window here while I was waiting for my food,” said Mike Pogue, 44, of St. John, as he received a burger and fries. “My mom brought me here quite a bit. Now I work right up the street, and I still come here for lunch. I’m really going to miss it.”
Faye Staufenbiel, 55, of west St. Louis County, has been a regular customer for 40 years. She says the drive doesn’t bother her because she loves the food and the nostalgia.
“I really hate to see it close,” Staufenbiel said as she waited for her order with her 19-year-old daughter, Ginger Willis.
Among the restaurant’s 23 employees is Carol McCain, 61, an inside waitress who has been with restaurant three-plus decades. She said she’d miss the customers the most.
“They call me ‘Chuck-A-Burger Carol,'” she said.
dpharris@post-dispatch.com | 314-372-8506

Stargate SG-1

Farewell to yet another Sci-Fi Channel show. Seems every time they get a real good show they cancel it. Though I will give them credit for keeping Stargate SG1 on so long. Stargate Atlantis is a good show but until this lame and last season of SG1 it didn’t quite measure up. Is it just me or is SG1’s last season filled with thrown together plot lines? until this episode it quite bored me and wasn’t anyway connected to the the plot line where they left off next season except for maybe 1 or 2 episodes.  Well next week they are having a all week long sg1 marathon, so if you didn’t buy the DVD’s get your VCR’s out or the DVD-R and record away. Next Friday will be the finally so hopefully it will stack up to their usual level. Well if not then not. And yes I really miss Richard Dean Anderson on the show, when he left I knew it would come to an end sooner than later. At least Stargate Atlantis has improved allot so it gives a a little of a consolation prize. Farewell Stargate Sg1 and thanks for the great seasons. 🙂

Self Forgiveness


  I find it much easier to forgive others of their mistakes than to forgive myself. I do not know if it is due to my belief that I should know better than to make the mistake, or if I am just not as lenient with myself as I am with others.  Self forgiveness is very important in healing ones emotional and mental wounds.

  Forgiving others is also important, but if you can not forgive yourself for the things you have done then you will carry the guilt around forever. One thing to realize is that you are not perfect and that you will make mistakes in life. Sometimes the mistakes are small and sometimes they are life changing.

  Until you forgive yourself of those mistakes you will never be able to move on with your life. By carrying the guilt around all the time you put your body through some heavy stress. We all know how stress can effect ones health and mental state. To forgive is divine is the phrase I remember from my youth. They forgot to tell you the forgiveness is not only for others but also for yourself.

“To forgive is Divine, To forgive ones self is hard.”

Thoughts About Depression


  Depression is one of the great enemies of life. Of course it is a natural process in dealing with grief. But it is only supposed to be a short lived release of sadness. In this day and time depression has put a death grip on a large part of the populous. Depression does not only cause a type of mental and emotional paralysis it also can cause many health issues such as weakening of the  immune system and constant pain in the body.

 There are pharmaceutical solutions to depression but in treating the symptoms they seem to miss the cause sometimes. Those who have depression due to chemical imbalances the drug therapy is a viable solution. Some people are depressed due to events that happened in their life, sometimes events they don’t even remember. Drugs may numb them of the symptoms to a degree but it doesn’t fix the problem.

 Therapist can help some who face depression and that is only if the person who is depressed is ready and or willing to face the problems within. Some people are depressed and do not even know it. For years I have been suffering on and off from depression and until the last 5 years I didn’t even know that I was. Problem with depression is that it manifests itself in many different forms. Even Psychologist miss the signs of depression and even diagnose depression as other mental illnesses.

 Now days a lot of research has gone into how diet and environment effects the mental and physical well being of mankind. So here is another possibility in the ever growing list of things that may cause depression. Maybe one day we will find a quick fix for depression, but till then I guess we have to keep delving into our past to seek out what event that may have triggered the depression. If you are lucky enough to find the event/Chain of events that started the depression just remember forgiveness is divine and is a path to healing.

The Puzzle I Call Life


  Every day within me a war is waged between the side of light and the side of darkness. The outcome is different each day, one will loose one part and gain another. Pretty much a stalemate but one day one side will get the upper hand on the other. My greatest fear is that darkness will win in this war for my mind and soul. Even though I fear such, I have faith in the light side within me.

  My nature is pretty much of the light, though I do suffer from the darkness. Been through pridefulness and still battling against lust. Self pity still rears its head from time to time. Being just a fool in the quest for wisdom I do the best I can. Praying to God and Jesus gives me hope and strength to make it through yet another day. The wisdom they gave me helps me understand yet another piece of the puzzle I call life.

My life is nothing but another journey of a layman and fool who seeks wisdom and peace.

Love Even Harder Than you Work

  Sometimes we get lost in our busy lives we live. We seem to forget the things that make life worth while.
Little things like a smile on someone we love or a simple hug from a friend. We start working our lives away to make things better for ourselves and the ones we love, but then we get trapped in the cycle and forget about the reason why we started working so hard in the first place. All the money in the world can not make someone love you. Yes it
can get you someone who you think loves you, but that person will love your money not you. The people you love and
who love you are there for you through thick and thin, rich and poor and will love you unconditionally. If not then their
love may be shallow and conditional. I am not going to try and say what love is, it is one of those age old questions that have a ever changing definition.

  Work hard to make life a better thing for you and those you love. Love even harder than you work so life will  be better for those you love. Life here on earth is not forever so we need to live life with all the love and understanding we can muster. See each day as a new beginning and another chance to make those we love happy.
Forgive not only the mistakes of others, also forgive the mistakes you have made and learn from those mistakes.
Always remember that the love we give and receive is a far greater treasure than gold or silver.

The tiger or the dove


 Deep within me there seems to be a tiger sleeping.
The persona of a peaceful dove is one I be keeping.
My mind cries out in anger as my heart tempers the words
I speak. There are times that my heart begins to waver and it
is weak. The Tiger Comes out to devour all who oppose it until
the heart regains control.
Then I live with the guilt and it is slowly taking it’s toll.

 The tiger is strong but my will to be a good man is stronger.
I know Soon the tiger must not  be within me any longer.
For only one can be within me, either the tiger or the dove.
So in the end I choose not anger but choose unconditional love.

  Can I defeat the tiger within me or will it devour me?
Will love tame the beast or will the beast be set free?
Either way it will be what I decide for I am the master of my fate.
And I will not give into the age old lie of that it may be to late.

Perception of time

  One can not change their past, They only can learn from it and try to change what might come.We live in
the present and look forward to the future. What we do now will ultimately effect what will come. what I
just said being common sense and basic action causes reaction it seems to be one of the easiest things to
forget. It is easier to look back and see ones mistakes than to think before one acts to avoid future mistakes.
It seems to all boil down to a form of self discipline and most of us are lacking in that area.

 Some of the problem is the world we live in today, everything is going so fast nobody seems to have time to
think. Though time is constant the perception of it is not. Do you remember when we were in school and the
days would creep by during the week but the weekend would fly so fast it seemed to only be one day? Well
that is what I am getting at. Time is time , but how fast or slow we move in it is a perception of time. If we
could master the perception of time then maybe we would feel like we have more time to get things done.
Thus maybe we would think a bit more before we act and avoid allot of the mistakes we will make.

“Live now, Remember the past and plan for the future.”

Blame, Anger & Forgiveness

There are moments in ones life that we throw blame on others for the pain we suffer within. We seem to overlook the fact that we ourselves are a part of the problem. When someone hurts your feelings they have somehow attacked a part of your self identity. Either a side of yourself you that you have pride in or a side you don’t like. The anger we feel towards the person that hurt us is not always created by their actions, sometimes it is created by our own insecurity surrounding the situation. Are really mad at the person or are we mad at ourselves for allowing the situation to become what it has? Well the answer could be one or both. In my experience I have noticed allot of the times I am more mad at myself for either getting myself into the situation or my lack of ability in solving the problem.

 One of my biggest flaws is that I find it easy to forgive others but once I face the fact that I am a part of the problem I can not seem to forgive myself. To forgive others may be divine but to forgive ones self is just necessary for survival. What helps me allot in dealing with the tests and trials of life is to remember that everyone is very much alike in the fact we all have feelings.

” To learn from ones past is wise, To live in ones past is not.”

Listen to the heart God blessed you with

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